Premium Highend DSD - DA/Wandler

 in hochauflösender und unbestechlicher 32Bit bis 32Bit/768kHz Qualitität

Hochwertig beschichtete, massive Aluminiumfront
Sicherer Stand des Gerätes durch Gerätefüße mit Gummierung
Kompakte Abmessungen, ideal für professionelle mobile Anwendungen
Hochwertig vergoldete Buchsen für beste Signalübertragung

Ein wahres Multitalent
Vielseitig verwendbar, ob als
höchstwertiger Wandler für alle gängigen Digiatalen Formate, als Profi-Soundkarte Ihres Computers&Notebooks,
eine hochwertige Wandler Lösung/Optimierung für Ihren CD/DVD Player, oder als hochwertiger Vorverstärker für Aktivlautsprecher, etc.
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Treiber CD/Win
Aune X8 / Silber

Aune X8 32Bit/768k ES9038 DSD512 Lossless HiFI Audiophile Headphone Amplifier


Hi-Res formats, multi-effects, multi-function

The X8 is a DAC of the aune X series. It uses aune’s self-developed FPGA technology and supports music files up to PCM768/DSD512. The Op-amp is interchangeable and there are seven filter models to choose from. It’s a DAC purely focused on sound quality.

Supports Hi-Res formats

The X8 supports music files up to DSD512 and PCM768k. It satisfies your demand for high resolution.

Improves computer’s sound quality, bring out active speaker’s full potential

The X8 can be connected to a computer via USB to be an external DAC that significantly improves the sound quality. And then it can be connected to a pair of active speakers to build a HiFi audio system or a headphone amplifier (eg. The aune X7s) to build a HiFi headphone system.

Coaxial output supports 384k DSD128

The X8 can be connected to the X5s 6th Anniversary Edition via coaxial to build a HiFi audio system that directly decodes 384k and DSD128 without a computer. And then it can be connected to a pair of active speakers to build small HiFi audio system in your bedroom or study, or a headphone amplifier(eg. The aune X7s) to build a HiFi headphone system.

A DAC for portable devices too (corresponding cables needed)

The X8 can be connected to an iPhone/Android phone/portable music player via its USB output. The sound quality improvement is instant.

Timbre/detail/dynamic/depth, make changes at your will

After six modifications of wiring optimizations, the X8 peripheral circuit is compatible with all kinds of dual op-amps. Different dual op-amps’ characteristics can be fully displayed.

Fixed line out & variable preamp out

The X8 has both fixed line output and variable pre-amp output and that uses analog potentiometer, which enables it to be either a audio source or a pre-amp for active speaker.

Op-amp interchangeable

The op-amp at the bottom can be interchanged with a variety of dual op-amps to give the sound different timbres. With such a paintbrush in your hand, you can paint your own music world.

The international edition is equipped with high quality power supply with ultra-low ripple noise.

Seven filter modes

There are seven filter modes for you to choose from. Each gives you a different taste. There’s always one for you.

*fast roll-off, linear

*slow roll-off, linear

*fast roll-off, minimum

*slow roll-off, minimum




Aesthetic design

The aune X8 series has a special ARC shape design and golden ratio length to width, giving it great aesthetics.

Self-developed FPGA Core

The X8 adopted the Self-developed FPGA as the processing core of digital signal, which makes DSD128 via coaxial possible. And the digital signals are also cleaner.

Excellent specifications

Actual measurements: noise: 2.96uv; THD+N:0.0006%. Excellent specs is the basis of excellent sound.

Professional tuning

The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and musical content referencing, resulting in a signature that is natural and full of musicality.

X8 with FPGA tech + X7s = 32Bit/768k DSD512 audio system for headphones

X8 with FPGA tech + X5s 6th Anniversary Edition = audio source system

X5s 6th Anniversary Edition + X8 with FPGA tech + X5s 6th Anniversary Edition = multi-function system




Max bit depth:32bit

Max sampling rate:768k

Max DSD rate:DSD512


Max bit depth :24bit

Max sampling rate :384k

Max DSD rate:DoP128


Max bit depth:24bit

Max sampling rate:192k

Max DSD rate:DoP64

Line output


Output level:2.0Vrms

Frequency response:(20-20kHz)±0.2dB

SNR 117dB

THD + N:0.0006%


Aune X8-Silver

Power adapter

USB cable

A box and an extraction tool for op-amps



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