Das brandneue Flaggschiff aus dem Hause Gustard
2x ESS ES9038-PRO SABRE DAC Chips!
 Höchstwertiger Premium Highend DSD-DAC - Digital zu Analog (D/A) Wandler
Mit einer Wandlungstiefe von bis zu 32Bit/768kHz/DSD512
Der Gustard X26 PRO besitzt 2x ES9038PRO Highend Chips für eine kompromisslose Wandlung der digitalen Signale 
2 unabhängige Netzteile/Stromversorgung jeweils für Analog und Digital!
Hochwertige IR Fernbedienung für komfortable Steuerung der Grundfunktionen
Samplingraten optisch/koaxial/BNC: 
16/20/24bit 44,1kHz/48kHz/88,2kHz/96kHz/176,4kHz/192kHz
Samplingraten USB: 
Asynchrone USB-Taktung - Neuester XMOS Chip - 2fach einstellbarer Master-Clock Modus
Abmessungen (LxBxH): 330×260×65mm
Gewicht 7Kg 

USB Eingang, XLR Eingang Digital, Coaxialer Digitaleingang, Optischer Digitaleingang, IIS Digitaleingang (HDMI-Stecker)
(Cinch L/R Line Out/Ausgang) Unsymmetrisch
(XLR L/R Line Out/Ausgang) Symmetrisch

Hochwertig beschichtete, massive Aluminiumfront
IR Fernbedienung 
Sicherer Stand des Gerätes durch Gerätefüße mit Gummierung
Hervorragende Verarbeitung des gesamten Gerätes
Extrem fein auflösende 100fach/gerasterte Lautstärkeregelung
Hochwertig vergoldete Cinch und XLR Buchsen für beste Signalübertragung

Nur bei uns zum TOP-Preis und 2 Jahren Garantie!


1x Gustard X26 PRO-USB (Schwarz/BLack)
1x IR Fernbedienung

Treiber/Software (USB-Stick)
Windows (Alle Systeme ab XP) ASIO Unterstützung, Mac OS-X treiberlose Installation
  • The X26 features a high-performance digital filter and GPLL-M1 high-precision phase-locked loop module self-developed by Gustard. This makes the X26 reach a new level of sound quality in all of Gustard's DAC product lines.
  • As we all know, digital filters are an inseparable part of modern high-performance audio DAC system design. The most critical design goal of digital filters is to reduce the aliasing noise in the audio band of the digital domain. This process mainly performs oversampling and noise shaping on the original digital audio signal to achieve better sound quality.
  • Modern audio DAC chips generally integrate digital filter functions, and their audio objective performance has reached a good level. However, the DAC on-chip digital filter is limited by various aspects such as cost and computing power, and its sound quality performance can no longer meet our pursuit of higher sound quality.
  • So we developed our own high-performance digital filter solution on the Analog Device SHARC digital audio DSP platform. The solution is equipped with a high-performance anti-aliasing noise algorithm developed by Gustard, which uses high-precision floating-point 64-bit arithmetic in some key digital signal processing. This algorithm has been optimized for ESS Technology DACs to ensure high sound quality.
  • The GPLL-M1 high-precision phase-locked loop module has ultra-low residual phase noise, and the recovered audio clock implements an ultra-low jitter at the femtosecond level. Thanks to the complex algorithm, the jitter suppression performance is excellent, and the additional jitter introduced by various factors can be easily solved;
  • The master clock of the ES9038 chips is also supplied by the GPLL high-precision phase-locked loop module. It works directly in synchronous mode to bypass internal ASRC resampling and no longer relies on ASRC to guarantee performance (no need for 100M clock).

Gustard DAC-X26 technical features:

 • The X26 uses two ESS Technology's flagship audio DAC chip ES9038PRO for dual mono audio digital-to-analog conversion. Each channel uses a separate ES9038Pro chip, and each channel is completely independent power supply and grounding for best performance.

• The X26 uses the GPLL-M1 high-precision phase-locked loop module with ultra-low residual phase noise, and the recovered audio clock can reach the femtosecond level of ultra-low jitter. Thanks to the complex algorithm, the jitter suppression performance is excellent, and the additional jitter introduced by various factors can be easily solved;

• The X26's audio digital signal processing is implemented with the Analog Device SHARC digital audio DSP, equipped with Gustard's proprietary high-performance anti-aliasing noise algorithm, which uses a high-precision floating-point 64-bit algorithm for some key digital signal processing. This algorithm has been optimized for ESS Technology DACs to ensure high sound quality;

• The X26 uses the CPLD programmable logic chip, which is equipped with Gustard's self-developed multi-year custom digital logic functions, including clock management, 2nd PLL digital shaping, DOP decoding, PCM/DSD depop switch and other exclusive technologies, which lays a solid foundation for excellent sound quality. ;

• The X26 uses two high-quality audio dedicated toroidal transformers to power the digital and analog circuits, thus achieving complete independent power supply without mutual interference;

• The X26's analog circuitry uses a native fully balanced architecture with no single-ended/differential conversion for complete balanced and single-ended output;

• The X26's analog LPF circuit uses a self-developed discrete circuit, and the parameters of each stage of the circuit have been carefully adjusted to achieve the best operating point;

• X26 supports 0dB~-90dB, a total of 90 gears of digital volume, with the included high-quality remote control to easily adjust the volume;

• All digital inputs of the X26 support DSD:

IIS: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512;

SPDIF, AES/EBU: DSD64, DSD128 (DOP mode)

Optical: DSD64 (DOP mode);

USB: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512 (DSD native Only);

• The X26 is equipped with three digital filter algorithms developed by Gustard and can also be turned on.

PCM: VIVID (recommended) / COMPOSITE / GENTLE;

DSD: 47K/50K/60K/70K;

NOS mode: (only sampling rate of 176.4KHz and above can be used), NOS (No OverSampling) does not perform digital oversampling, directly digital-to-analog conversion of the original digital audio signal. This mode is recommended for use with audio player software such as HQplayer with its own oversampling digital filter function;

• X26's USB digital audio interface module uses ESS Technology's USB AUDIO solution, up to PCM768K DSD512;

• The X26's screen brightness is adjustable and it is automatically remembered after 10 seconds of no operation. After power-on, it will automatically maintain the settings before the last power-off, and humanized operation control;

• The X26 features a brushed aluminum chassis with optional colors including silver (matte white) and black;

• X26 chassis size: width 330* depth 260* height 65MM (excluding protruding parts);

• X26 package size: length 420 * width 360 * height 175MM;

• X26 package weight: 7KG;

• The X26's AC supply voltage mode can be manually switched between 110/115V and 220/230V;

• X26 XLR interface definition: US standard (1 ground, 2 hot, 3 cold)







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