Hochwertiger  Referenz DAC - Digital zu Analog (D/A) Wandler/Vorverstärker
in hochauflösender und unbestechlicher 32Bit-64Bit/384kHz Qualität

Die Erfolgsgeschichte des MH-DA003 MK2 geht weiter!
Wir präsentieren die brandneue Version mit 2 ESS-9038-Pro Chips !!!

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Phänomenal klingender Wandler mit extrem dynamischer, lebendiger und seidiger Wiedergabequalität.
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Die neue Referenzklasse!

Inkl. 24K vergoldeter Sicherungshalter und optimierter Feinsicherung
Incl. 24K gold-plated fuse holder and optimized micro fuse


1x MH-DA004 / Schwarz / Inklusive Amanero USB Upgrade
Fernbedienung inkl. Batterie (CR2032)
USB Kabel
Ausführliche Bedienungsanleitung/Englisch
(Auch in silberner Ausführung erhätlich, siehe unsere anderen Auktionen)

ES9038pro is ESS's flagship DAC audio decoder chip, is currently able to see the highest
 performance index DAC chip, according to the practice of Mu, the use of two ES9038pro,
 respectively, work in the mono MONO mode, making two DAC chip Individually deal with the left
 and right channel audio content and do not interfere with each other, greatly enhance theDAC's
 performance and auditory effects. Mono MONO mode The official indicator is the dynamic range
 of 140dBA, which is 3dB higher than 137dBA when working with a single two-channel channel. The
 official indicator is for reference only, but it is easy to see that the monaural MONO Mode,
 the signal output current of the DAC is twice as high as that of the two-channel mode, and the
 darkness of the sound background, the density of the sound, the degree of separation, the
 motion, the knot, etc. can be made significant Of the promotion.
Have enough experience enthusiasts know, DAC chip is only a machine foundation, the most
critical is the external circuit design and adjustment, in order to achieve the use of
ES9038pro and get the best sound replay effect, L.K.S Audio uncompromising around Circuit
design, such as the use of two high-quality transformer to achieve six sets of AC power supply,
a total of 13 groups of low-noise regulator circuit (a lot of key parts of the use of two-level
regulator approach), the second level regulator using the industry to high performance Power
supply chip to provide a sufficient current margin, the reaction of fast, ultra-low noise power.
At the same time, in order to deal with ES9038pro unique MONO mode of large current output
(more than 100mA of signal current), specially designed IV conversion circuit, this part of the
circuit for the pure sub-design, the substrate is the current low noise indicators Audio
transistor, twin effect transistor, audio power tube, etc., the correction capacitor is also
uncompromising use of silver mica capacitors, the purpose is to get the most accurate, natural
voice to reproduce. This circuit mode is the traditional integrated op amp output (such as
OPA627, AD797, LME49990, OPA1612, etc.) can not match.
L.K.S Audio in the most critical place to carry out the following design:
1. USB part, Mu has always adhere to the use of Italy Amanero's USB program, which is the industry's leading USB playback program, recognized that the program sound better than the popular xmos, and L.K.S Audio in the Italian original on the basis of improvement, based Board usb module will use six groups of ultra-low noise LDO for sub-power supply (and the original is two LDO). In addition, in the usb upgrade version, Mu sound using two Crystek ultra-low noise clock to upgrade, and provides a decoder power transformer self-powered ultra-low noise power supply module to usb module power supply, sound enhancement effect , Very suitable for the computer as a player to use the enthusiasts. And thus one can save the cost of purchasing an external digital player.
2. The key master clock position, the same uncompromising, uses the Crystek CCHD-575 femtosecond clock to provide a very low jitter (82fS @ 100MHz) clock supply for the ES9038pro. Experienced burning friends know that digital audio recovery, the clock is the soul of the system, the importance of the clock can be seen. And in order to pure the clock signal, L.K.S Audio from the source - power grab, regardless of the cost of using a separate set of AC power, after two ultra-low noise regulator after the supply of this clock alone, greatly enhance the sound The stability of the background, the stability of the sound imaging.
3. L.K.S Audio for the left and right channels were working on the two ES9038pro DAC chip design of the independent power supply, making the left and right channel power crosstalk as low as possible to a very low state, which is brought about by the excellent sound separation Degree, very accurate sound imaging stability.
4. L.K.S Audio three years ago to proceed with the development of discrete circuits used to replace the traditional op amp chip, because the traditional op amp chip is subject to the chip size and SOC integrated circuit of some innate factors, the composition of the internal circuit of the monomer parts Performance is very limited, can withstand the heat power is very low, basically all of the integrated operational amplifier chip quiescent current is in a very low state (less than 10mA), even if the enthusiast of the senior opa627 gold seal version is the case, Processing ES9018 / 28/38 more and more audio output current (ES9018 / 28 in the mono mode output current is about 30mA or more, while the ES9038 is more than 100mA), so the overall quality of performance can not meet the demanding needs of enthusiasts The The output of the sub-output circuit, the use of twin JFET field effect transistor input, the last pole 3A power tube output, you can easily meet the ES9038pro high current output processing, and after three years of accumulated over 100 circuit parameters tuning, sound Performance is extremely natural, Chiang Kai-shek, high and low frequency of the ductility is excellent.
5. With a high standard of analog output circuit,  In order to meet the best performance of this circuit, in particular the design of the same high-grade A (A) power circuit, constant current source SHUNT circuit mode design, ON Semiconductor high power Adjust the tube, and use Jensen new electrolysis, with the appropriate output capacitor and decoupling capacitor, natural sound, transparent, very balanced and very musical appeal.
6. High-grade system inside, the impact of each little detail can not be ignored, using Furukawa FI03 gold-plated power outlet, Cardas rhodium-plated RCA audio output, Neutirk balanced output, etc., these components for high-calorie players That is the most familiar. It is precisely the focus of these key parts in order to create a good sound system.  for the customer standard Swiss Schute frozen version of the fuse, the sound performance of fine, moist, quiet and good, more obvious can be compared to the general fuse is rough, grainy.
MH-DA004 DAC All ports support DSD input (coaxial, fiber, BNC, AES / EBU for DoP input, USB, I2S support DoP, DSD native source input)
 All online decoders are fully balanced analog circuit designs. Friends do not have to ask whether it is really balanced question.
The machine uses the Italian Amanero USB module, supports PCM and DSD decoding in USB access mode, PCM supports 44.1K ~ 384K various rate, DSD support DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512 (Windows).
 Windows system support 32/64 bit XP / Vista / win7 / win8 / win10, need to install a proprietary driver (support KS / Wasapi / WDM / ASIO).
 Mac OS 10.6+ and Linux UAC2 are not driven.
 Amanero USB DSD driver and use the settings method download (please contact us)
      1. Two-chip ES9038pro decoding method.
      2. Two high-quality toroidal transformers, a total of 13 groups of linear power supply.
      3. Built-in specially designed Italian Amanero USB module, original license license. USB module added to isolate the chip,
      you can isolate the computer to the audio system interference signal.
      4. Supports USB, I2S / DSD single-ended signal (RJ45), I2S / DSD balanced signal (HDMI), oaxial, BNC, AES / EBU balance, 
      Optical total seven-way source input, all ports support DSD input.
      5. Analog audio output port includes standard RCA single-ended output and XLR balanced output pair.
      6. Display with VFD display, the display exceptionally outstanding.
      7. Use physical key operation.
      8. Support 0dB ~ -127dB digital volume adjustment, 0.5dB level. But also has a remote key to skip the volume adjustment
      9. Support a variety of digital filter mode settings (see user manual). Can be arbitrarily selected, different filter mode, the
          digital filter attenuation characteristics are different.
      10. Supports decoding of internal digital phase-locked loop bandwidth settings (see user's manual for details).
      11. Support Deemphasis to increase or turn off.
      12. The display has 4 levels of brightness adjustable. Adjusted by remote control.
      13. Remote start, standby function.
      14. Most of the settings with memory function, turn off the opportunity to automatically save the settings,
      restart the settings.
      15. Dynamic range> 137dB
      16. Distortion <0.0002%
      17. Stereo resolution> 120dB
      18. RCA unbalanced port output amplitude 2Vrms, XLR balanced port output amplitude 5Vrms.
      19. Machine size 430 * 320 * 90mm
      20. Machine weight 7.0kg
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