Inkl. Original Pure-Copper - Mustec Netzkabel mit 24k vergoldeten Kontakten
Incl. Musetec Pure-Copper Power Chord with gold plated plugs
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Inkl. 24K vergoldetem Sicherungshalter und optimierter Feinsicherung
Incl. 24K gold-plated fuse holder and optimized micro fuse
Höchstwertiger  Referenz DAC - Digital zu Analog (D/A) Wandler/Vorverstärker
 in hochauflösender und unbestechlicher Qualität
Interessante und aufschlussreiche review:

Die Erfolgsgeschichte des sensationellen MH-DA004 geht weiter...
Wir präsentieren nun den brandneuen MH-DA005
Die Herausforderung an die besten DAC´s der Welt !!

Nur bei uns zum TOP-Preis und 2 Jahren Garantie

1x MH-DA005 / Schwarz
Fernbedienung inkl. Batterie (CR2032)+Inbus key
USB Kabel
Standard Netzkabel
Mustec Netzkabel/Pure Cupper
Ausführliche Bedienungsanleitung/Englisch
(Auch in silberner Ausführung erhätlich, siehe unsere Shop-Auswahl)
Product parameters:
1. Decoder chip: ES9038pro x 2
2. Input Channels: USB, coaxial 1, coaxial 2, optical fiber, AES/EBU, I2S-E, I2S-H
3. Single-ended RCA output level: 2Vrms
4. Balanced XLR output level: 4Vrms
5. Digital volume attenuation function, with 0.5db interval attenuation, can be skipped
6. Digital filter mode optional
7. DPLL can be set
8. Can be set to the DSD channel exchange function
9. Can Be turned on and off to enhance the function
10. DOP (DSD over PCM) reception can be turned on and off
11. USB supports PCM44 ~ 384K, DSD64 ~ DSD512
12. I2S-E and I2S-H support PCM44 ~ PCM384K, DSD64 ~ DSD512, Dop64x
13. Coaxial, optical fiber, AES/EBU support PCM44 ~ PCM192K, Dop64
14. It's a fully functional remote. It's got remote standby function
15. VFD display with adjustable multi-level brightness and automatic rest screen
16. Dynamic Range > 136db
17. Distortion < 0.0002%
18. Stereo separation > 120db
19. Frequency response:0ー20 KHZ ± 0.2 db
20. Rated Power:16W
21. Size 430 * 350 * 78mm (Width * Depth * Height) , Height includes machine feet
22. Machine net weight:9.0 kg
23.Power supply voltage:100 ~ 120V or 200 ~ 240V optional

Packing list:
1.Remote control
2.Standard Power Cord
3. Mustec Higehnd Powerchord
4.USB cable
5.T2 Hexagon Screwdriver (For removing remote control to replace battery)
6.USB Flash Disk (Contains electronic file instructions, this machine no longer provides a paper version of the instructions)
7. Warranty card
The design of the new flagship MH-DA005 hi-end DAC condenses our 10 years experience.
The total development process takes one and a half years.
DA005 was designed to produce a DAC with sound and appearance much higher than DA004, not an optimized update to DA004.
Different design goals establish the hierarchical gap between DA005 and DA004.
To achieve this goal, the mainboard has been modified 6 times, the power board has been modified 20 times, and dozens of parts have been tested.

1. Newly designed super power system
The power supply in the audio system is extremely important.We have designed an advanced power regeneration system for DA005, which is like two reservoirs, one storing water while the other storing water alternately.Under the carefully designed control logic, the storage and charge are completely isolated and do not affect each other, thus to a big improvement of avoiding the AC noise on the DAC.On the other hand, due to the problem of poor load regulation rate in all the circuits powered by traditional iron core power transformer, the sound dynamic is compressed and the density is insufficient. This problem does not exist in the new super power system. Quiet, abundant, high-quality energy-supplied DAC circuits can replay the most realistic sound.
In the DAC power supply circuit, we use a large number of high-performance low-noise regulators from Linear, TI and other companies leading the industry, ensuring that each functional circuit has its own secondary regulator supply, providing pure and sufficient energy for each part of the circuit.A total of 18 independent regulators have been used.
The power supply of analog circuit is also very important. We have specially customized a silver-plated OCC transformer. The primary and secondary windings are made of expensive OCC-plated silver. Because of the skin effect of signal, the current basically flows through the silver layer on the surface. Compared with copper wire and OFC (oxygen-free copper) wire transformers, the sound is essentially different. It is quieter, transparent, delicate, full and transient. In addition, it is sealed with high strength stainless steel case, which can resist mechanical vibration and achieve electric field shielding.The newly designed analog power supply circuit uses power MOSFET with high current and low internal resistance as regulator, and twin transistors form a voltage feedback control circuit to achieve very low output internal resistance and very low power noise.Fast and abundant output response can be provided in the full audio frequecy band of the analog output circuit.
We use silicon carbide Schottky diode with no recovery time as power rectifier diodes. The Mundorf inductance-free electrolytic capacitors are used for the main capacitor, and the Audionote Kaisei nonpolar capacitors and Mundorf Supreme capacitors are used for high frequency compensation.
The reverse recovery time of the SiC Schottky diode approaches zero, the transition between on and off state is very fast, and there is no reverse recovery current.Traditional silicon or germanium-based bipolar diodes in switched rectifier circuits have very large pulse spikes due to the presence of reverse recovery current, which directly interferes with the performance of the circuit, the sound is rough and burry, while the silicon carbide diode is much smoother and more stable, and the texture and details of the sound are more prominent.The cost of a silicon carbide diode is more than 10 times that of an ordinary Schottky diode.

2. Analog Output Stage
The analog output stage of DA005 uses a newly designed fully discrete circuit. The advantage of the discrete circuit is that it can select a single triode with excellent performance and that the sound is more comprehensive than the integrated operational amplifier.DA005 uses a large number of twin JFETs and twin trasistors, the circuit accuracy is higher.Balanced output, single-end output have the same LPF low-pass filter circuit.DA005 uses small size, low temperature drift (no more than 5 ppm), high precision (0.01%) non-inductance resistance, more vivid sound.
We use customized gold-plated RCA plug with high-conductivity tellurium alloy, Teflon core, and Duelund silver wire.
The main good properties of high conductivity tellurium alloy are:
1) It has high conductivity, the conductivity of tellurium alloy is 94%-98%, gold 65-75%, rhodium 35%, brass 28% with high copper content;
2) It has high thermal conductivity.Over 22% pure silver and 28% copper;
3) Good arc resistance.
In the analog circuit, there are two particularly important capacitors. We compared a variety of expensive capacitors, such as copper foil, silver foil, gold and silver foil, oil immersion capacitor, and finally selected the GAD gold and silver foil capacitor.

3. Clock System
The DA005 (including USB part) uses four high-performance clocks, which are superior to the Crystek CCHD957 and CCHD575 series, which are widely used in high-end machines.
Taking 24.576MHz in CCHD957 series as an example, the most critical near-end 10Hz SSB noise is -97.9dB√Hz, DA005 custom clock is -108.6dB√Hz, with nearly 10dB noise reduction.The benefit is that sound is more natural and accurate.

4. Design of Supplementary Materials
We use a lot of high-purity Jensen silver wires for internal connection.Compared with 7N OCC wire, pure silver wire has higher sound density, details, texture, sound stage, transparency, moisturization and etc..

5. Built-in high performance USB interface
Specially designed high performance USB interface, four-layer design.With a multi-channel low noise power supply, three very good low sideband noise clocks (better than Crystek CCHD957).High speed isolator for 3KV isolation of computer ground .Purer sound.
PCM and DSD decoding are supported in USB access mode, PCM supports 44.1K~384K various bit rates, DSD supports DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512.

6. Main parameters
ES9038pro X 2
Input channels: USB, coaxial 1, coaxial 2, optical, AES/EBU, I2S-E, I2S-H
Single-ended RCA output level 2Vrms
Balance XLR output level 4Vrms
Digital volume attenuation function, attenuated at 0.5dB steps, can be skipped
Different digital filter mode
DPLL Settable
DSD channel swap function
De-emphasis function that can be turned on or off
DOP (DSD over PCM) Receive Function that can be turned on and off
USB supports PCM44~384K, DSD64~DSD512
I2S-E, I2S-H support PCM44~PCM384K, DSD64~DSD512, Dop64x
Coaxial, optical, AES/EBU support PCM44~PCM192K, Dop64
Full-featured remote control with remote standby function
VFD display with adjustable brightness and auto-off
Dynamic range > 136dB
Distortion <0.0002%
Cross talk >120dB
Frequency Response 0~20KHz±0.2dB
Rated power 25W
Size 430*350*78mm (width*depth*height)
DAC net weight 9.0kg
Power supply voltage 100~120V or 200~240V optional

7. Highlights:
Musetec Advanced Regeneration Power System
High performance low noise regulator up to 18 channels
Four Ultra Low SSB Noise Clocks
O-type silver plated OCC transformer
New analog power circuit structure
Silicon Carbide Diode without Recovery Time
Mundorf Major Filter Capacitor, Audionote Quick Clear Polar Capacitor, Mundorf Supreme Capacitor, GAD Gold and Silver Foil Capacitor, MIT Capacitor
8-group discrete monomer circuit provides full balance and single-end output, full discrete design, twin-pair tube, low temperature drift 5ppm non-resistor
Tellurium-plated gold Teflon core RCA output terminal with Duran gold-silver alloy lead
In-machine Jensen Silver Wiring
Furutech FI-03G IEC accerssary
Six layers Main board
High grade aluminum chassis
Large VFD Display

8. Sound characteristics
DAC is the most important part in a Hi-Fi system. Reasonable recognition is that the sound source needs to be neutral and accurate, to support the faithful replay of the whole system. Due to the new circuit architecture design and unscrupulous material selection, the sound quality, density, sound field, transparency, detail of DA005 relative to DA004, have a significant improvement. Strictly speaking, it is a promotion that spans several levels, showing a high level in acoustics and music, and having a comprehensive and true expression for all types of music.
Especially for the promotion of mid-frequency band, ES9038 has texture but not full, emotionless sound characteristics.
2 Years Warranty!
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