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 Sensationeller, hochflexibler DSD DAC (MQA) & Netzwerkplayer - ES9038-PRO
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Wifi Player /DAC with Bluetooth/ LAN Network /USB /SD /AES Inputs
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SMSL's DP5 is an ultra-complete and extremely powerful network player, making the most of a flawless design to let you get the most out of your high definition music files. It can play audio files stored on USB storage device, remote computer, Micro SD card, smartphone and even from an SMB shared folder on your NAS.

With WiFi connectivity, the DP5 is compatible with DLNA and AirPlay protocols, making it easy to stream your music remotely. It also supports many popular file formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, AIFF, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, ALAC, DSF, DFF ...Particularly versatile, the streamer offers a wide range of connections covering almost all integration scenarios. It features a high fidelity DAC circuit based on an ES9038Pro chip and even has a headphone output.

The SMSL DP5 has its own digital to analog conversion circuit. The latter uses an ES9038Pro decoding chip. This version is not only ESS flagship, but also one of the best hardware solutions for high-fidelity audio decoding available nowadays.
Thanks to this SABRE chip, the DP5 benefits from the HYPERSTREAM 32 BIT architecture as well as native DSD256 support. The circuit also incorporates advanced reconstruction filters and has excellent finesse in dithering.

This conversion circuit allows the SMSL DP5 to play / receive high definition digital audio files for direct playback to your headphones / active speakers / preamplifiers or integrated amplifiers. It promotes precise audio reproduction with sustained dynamics and a wide soundstage, reaching excellent performances such as an SNR> 130dB, very low rate of Harmonic Distortion (0.00015% @ 1kHz) and a considerably low jitter (clock jitter).

The DP5 stands out with its superb color screen displaying all the information needed to easily navigate its (many) options and check at a glance that reading is taking place in the best conditions.
The screen displays in real time the active source / status of wireless connections, playback data and even allows you to browse your storage devices.
A large panel lets you access all playback controls: play / pause / navigate the current track, skip to next / previous tracks and power on / off the unit.
A rotary selector facilitates navigation in the menus (usefull for dense lists of audio files) and also makes it possible to control the hardware volume of the DAC chip.
With wide analog and digital connectivity, the DP5 from SMSL is the ideal keystone of your high fidelity audio installation.
Its two USB 2.0 ports as well as its micro-SD card reader make it an ideal medium for reading high-resolution files contained on your storage devices.
Its USB-B port (OTG compatible) can be connected directly to your computers / smartphones / tablets in order to use the DP5 as a USB DAC.
Its network connectivity (LAN + WiFi 2.4 / 5G) promotes interoperability with a multitude of different sources (AirPlay, DLNA, Samba).
The DP5 can also be controlled via HiBy Link (bluetooth).
On the digital output side, it can be connected to any audio device in AES / EBU, Coaxial SPDIF, Optical SPDIF, USB and even I2S (HDMI). This large output connectivity is useful for using a wide range of external DACs, FDA, DSP, etc.
The DP5 also has a balanced stereo line output (3-pole XLR) and an unbalanced stereo line output (RCA). These variable-volume outputs allow it to directly drive your integrated preamplifiers, preamplifiers and powered speakers.
The SMSL DP5 is equipped with an MQA decoder (integral decoder / full decoder). This is the most advanced class of MQA decoders, capable of natively handling Authentication stream, complete reconstruction (Origami Unfold to Core) while integrating specific compensation to the file platform at the decoding scale.
This approach, close to FLAC, allows you to obtain files rich in detail while severely limiting file size.
It is therefore a very advantageous tool for fans of high definition streaming music who will be able to enjoy listening quality comparable to FLAC while saving up to 50% of bandwidth (at resolution and frequency equivalent). This constitutes a multitude of advantages from the point of view of loading times, the quality of the network required and the fluidity in the sequence of tracks.

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1 x SMSL DP5
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1x Driver/USB Stick
1×USB cable
1× Power adapter
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